old stuff


deplurable update, yippee. i am getting the hang of drawing the characters a bit here, retroactively i will eventually redo the old pages but yknow. the creative process is never linear. i have a whole ton of pages of doodles of me just trying to figure out the characters, maybe at some point i'll share those. The 3 who hang out with eachother are named Jody, Carmen, and Almond.


new timmy tudler stuff


3 page update for deplurable today. I have a pretty thought out idea of where I'm going with it at this point, at least for this first uh. issue? episode? whatever it is. drew more timmy turdler too but will post tomorrow instead because I am tired now bye bye (:


happy new year 2004 from sunsets <3


yay winter. pc place got a new page again. been working on deplurable in the bg, i have like 6 or so new pages done so far but im gonna hold off a bit to iron them out


i added a date to the top of the places bar. since it defeats the point to show whats new i'll just keep updating that one date whenever the place bar gets new stuff. (most) comics on the left bar will get links below their icons to new updates as they come. you should click on them. you should visit again.


added a place to the places bar. couldnt fit "explore" so i compromised


i fixed some stuff with the comics so they (should) look better on a phone. uh the homepage has a little gap on the right and it bothers me (edit: it was the logo i fixed it now)


hi this is the news blog thing feed, im just writing whatever to test it. so far i have been making this whole site in notepad++ and its been ok. i'll probably switch to smth better soon im just lazy.
anyway here's a picture: