late night comic

timmy turdler



this is the website for a system just called sunsets.
its mostly the work of the frontrunner, kate

anyway. you can look at my stuff on
the sidebar or look at our pages here:



hi. i added a lot of new stuff. namely, a short comic called R-200624-R2B, or PRODUCT-PACKAGING. i made it as an experiment. you can also now watch The MOVIE SHOW from here i guess. do any these words make any sense to you at all. well whatever, they're here. if you poke around a bit you can find some other stuff. deplurable is coming along pretty well. i want to finish it probably before the end of the year. yeah i know, shoot me. i think i can do it. thats it for now. uh, bye.


updates to the sunsets pages, new website stuff. please give the spiral a warm welcome.


okay, the special features page is done now. go check it out. like i said before, im gonna hold back from sharing more until its done. i also made a new favicon for the site but it doesnt seem to be changing for some reason.


was very sick for most of last month but now im ready to continue deplurable. at this point ive figured out what i want to do, its just a matter of doing it. i wont post any more pages until its done, but i would like to add a "special features" page before then to share concept art and stuff.


made the site a little nicer to look at. i still have a couple more changes id like to make, like a better logo. yknow how it is. finally getting stuff on the sunsets pages, gradually. i have written about half of the deplurable proto-comic at this point. many scenes here on the strata have been selected to be cut or re-made. I've been taking a long hard time to think about exactly what i want to accomplish by making this and why, so i hope by the time i figure that out.. i'll figure out whether or not im happy with the comic. for now uh, here's some art of jody.

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